Transfer of Value

Public Disclosure of payments to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs)

We regularly work with HCPs and HCOs, for example inviting them to speak at medical educational meetings or seeking their advice and expertise on our medications and services to patients and the healthcare community. Individuals are compensated for providing these services to the industry at a fair market value and these payments are referred to as Transfers of Value (ToV). It can also include, for example, sponsoring an individual to attend an important medical congress by meeting their registration, reasonable travel and accommodation costs (also known as a benefit in kind). Organisations may be provided with funding to help with education for HCPs.

Janssen is requesting consent from all HCPs before declaring a ToV to the individual concerned. If consent is withdrawn then the individual details will not be published but disclosed in aggregate.

Detailed information on individual transfers of value can be accessed through, a secure online portal, provided by Janssen. Consent to disclosure can be provided or withdrawn at any time through this website or you can contact the Janssen Disclosure team directly via As the disclosure of the payments will be done on an annual basis, consent or withdrawal of consent will apply to all transfers of value in a particular calendar year.

To enable us to comply with our regulatory requirements payments or other transfers of value (e.g benefits in kind), made by us to you for the current reporting year will be stored on our database and disclosed by the ABPI annually from summer 2016 onwards, as required by our industry Code of Practice.

For further information, speak to your local Janssen representative or contact the disclosure team on (+44)01494 567567 or email

Addendum re disclosure of payments

The parties acknowledge that Janssen is required, by the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry* (“the Code”), to document and publically disclose certain transfers of value made to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, and these include information about the payments or other transfers of value provided to the Recipient under this Agreement.

Accordingly, by signing this Agreement, the Recipient consents to the Company and/or its affiliates:

The Recipient may contact the Company at any time to correct any mistakes or request deletion of personal information relating to the Recipient, but the consequence of a request for deletion that places the Company or its affiliates in breach of the Company’s obligations under applicable codes and laws is that the Company shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement on written notice to the Recipient.

Date of prep: August 2018